Monday, March 11, 2013

Preparation for the Steering Committee Retreat

The Steering Committee for the WSU Strategic Planning Initiative is preparing for a two-day retreat later this month. Our goal for the retreat is to develop a draft of the strategic plan. Parts of the plan will be taken out in April for our last round of campus and community town hall meetings.

There is a tremendous amount of data for the Steering Committee to consider. If you look at our website, it contains much of these data. If you can imagine reading all of the information, making sense of it, and then developing a vision and big, audacious goals for WSU, that is what the Steering Committee will be doing at the retreat. As you might expect, the Steering Committee is data fatigued at this point. Fortunately, two graduate students are working on projects to help us make sense of the data. 

We hope that everyone who has wanted has taken the opportunity to participate in the data gathering process. If there is anything you would like to tell the Steering Committee before we move into the plan-writing phase of our initiative, there are several ways to contact us. First, provide your thoughts through the “Talk to Us” link on our website. Second, post comments to this blog. Third, e-mail Steering Committee members at the addresses listed on our website. 

Thanks to all who have participated thus far. The process will be a success because of you.

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