Friday, February 1, 2013

Collaboration: What does it mean?

We enjoyed an energized meeting with the WSU Center Directors yesterday (January 31, 2013). The lively discussion and insightful ideas are tremendously beneficial to our strategic planning data gathering process. The notes from the meeting will be available on our website——as soon as they are transcribed. 

One item of discussion, among many, was the vital importance of collaboration. This topic has surfaced at many of our meetings and town hall events. The Steering Committee is considering what role this concept should play in WSU’s strategic plan. What does it mean, specifically for WSU? How should it be addressed in WSU’s strategic plan? What phrase or term should be used to describe it? One phrase we’ve tossed around is “interprofessional collaboration.” Some people like it; others think there must be a better description. What do you think? 

  • How should collaboration at WSU be defined? 
  • Is there a term or phrase that captures this definition?
  • How can we go about fostering collaboration at WSU? 

We would love to hear your thoughts please.


  1. Although Interprofessional Collaboration is a widely used term throughout the country, if you are looking for other possible terminology....

    Practice-based interventions
    Interactive learning
    Collaborative teamwork
    Collaborative learning
    Interprofessional Education

    Possible Definition: Integrated enactment of
    knowledge, skills, and values/attitudes
    that define working together across
    the professions as appropriate
    to improve outcomes in specific

  2. "interprofessional collaboration" seems to be too stuffy, too academic. I would prefer a collection of words that most adults readily understand. For example "teams with shared vision" or "organized diversity" or "focused diversity"


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